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Mystery of birth of massive binary: dynamics of forming two protostars elucidated with ALMA


Practical spintronics device directly formed on flexible substrate

Will expand the possibility of application of spintronics devices for the Internet of Things

Life Sciences & Medicine

Breakthrough alpha-ray treatment of cancer without external radiation

Osaka University researchers produced astatine (At-211) using a large accelerator, which enabled highly therapeutic alpha rays to be used in nuclear medicine treatment to suppress refractory thyroid cancer

Radioactive iodine has been used for treatment of thyroid cancer. However, some thyroid tumors become resistant to iodine treatment. An Osaka Universi...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Automatic neurological disease diagnosis using deep learning

Analyzing brain waveforms using neuroimaging big data helps improve diagnosis accuracy


Electron Accelerators Reveal the Radical Secrets of Antioxidants

Osaka University researcher proves the value of electron accelerators for creating free radicals and understanding their damaging effects on biological molecules

An Osaka University professor has demonstrated for the first time the value of linear particle accelerators for the generation of free radicals inside...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Mechanism for FliL, a component protein of the flagellar motor, clarified

Researchers find that a stomatin-like protein regulates ion channels in bacteria and mammals

Natural Sciences

Observing monkey behavior from the primatologist’s perspective

Researchers develop an automatic detection and tracking system for wild Japanese monkeys using artificial intelligence

Natural Sciences

Quality of laser beam shaping can be enhanced at no extra cost!

Researchers develop high quality additive beam shaping technique applicable to a wide variety of lasers from ultraviolet to near-infrared domain

Researchers from Osaka University developed a technique for improving accuracy of laser beam shaping and wavefront obtained by conventional methods wi...

Natural Sciences

Magnetic separation and extraction of rare metals using pocket-sized magnet

Will allow for extraction of useful substances from natural resources and urban mining resources in a hazardless manner


Shape shifting mirror opens a vista for the future

Japanese researchers develop a glue-free mirror that can be used in vacuum chambers

A team of researchers from JTEC Corporation and Osaka University developed a bimorph deformable mirror that allows for precise shape modification and ...

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