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Life Sciences & Medicine

Japanese Study Finds Concerning Trends in Cervical Cancer and Treatment Response

Osaka University-centered study examines large-scale population survey and identifies increase in cervical cancer rate, along with younger patients’ surprising resistance to radiation therapy

Osaka University-centered research examined a large-scale Japanese data cohort for trends in cervical cancer prevalence, treatment, and survival. They...

Natural Sciences

High-Speed Surveillance in Solar Cells Catches Recombination Red-Handed

Researchers at Osaka University introduce a new time-resolved microscopy method that allows them to monitor the trajectories of fast-moving charged particles at unprecedented rates

Using synchronized lasers pulses, Osaka University researchers developed a new method of electrostatic force microscopy that can record movies with fr...


Computational algorithm to reduce electromagnetic noise in electronic circuits developed

Osaka University researchers develop a computational algorithm for describing electromagnetic noise in electric circuits using a method based on electromagnetic studies and circuit theory

Two researchers at Osaka University developed an algorithm for numerical calculation of EM noise (interference) in electric circuits. This algorithm i...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Big Data Provides Clues for Characterizing Immunity in Japanese

An Osaka University-centered research team has performed fine-mapping of the key immunity-related part of the genome, revealing associations between gene variants and over 50 different phenotypes in the Japanese

Osaka University researchers used various sets of large-scale data to characterize the variation and phenotypic associations of an immunity-related ge...


New blue diode laser device records highest power output of 1kW

Natural Sciences

First proof-of-principle experiment of quantum repeaters with all photonics

First big step towards a ‘quantum internet’ as the Holy Grail of information-processing networks


Nucleus with a K-meson and two protons discovered

“Exotic” bound state in which quark and anti-quark are bound together

Life Sciences & Medicine

Small Metabolites Have Big Effects on the Intestinal Immune Response

Researchers at Osaka University find that common bacterial metabolites pyruvate and lactate enhance the intestinal immune response and guard against infection by important gut pathogens

Normal gut bacteria are instrumental in inducing an immune response in the presence of invading pathogens. However, exactly how commensal bacteria cau...


Simple and low-cost crack-healing of ceramic-based composites

Cracks of ceramic-based composites can be healed at room temperature

Natural Sciences

A Real Turn On: Evolutionary Rotation of Fly Genitalia Tied to Mating Success

Research at Osaka University on the angle of male flies’ genitalia suggests a cooperative evolution of body structure and behavior

Osaka University researchers sought evidence that developmental genital rotation of flies in the order Diptera evolved in correlation with a shift to ...

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