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Controlling organic semiconductor band gaps by electron-acceptor fluorination

Researchers from Osaka University develop a fluorinated electron-acceptor unit for high performance organic semiconductors

Osaka researchers synthesized a fluorinated electron-acceptor for use in organic semiconductors. The high electronegativity of the fluorine substituen...


Two Quantum Dots are Better than One: Using One Dot to Sense Changes in Another

Osaka University-based collaboration fabricates the first nanoelectronic device that can detect single-electron events in a target quantum dot using a second dot as a sensor


Method for efficiently conversing quantum state from photons to electron spins

Will promote the realization of quantum dot technology that allows completely secure information communication


Technique to easily fabricate ceramic films used as OPV inter-layers developed

Japanese researchers develop coating technique to create ceramic ultra-thin films using solution

Researchers developed a technique for coating Zinc related oxide (ZnOx, ZnOHx) simply by depositing the films in a solution process using the Metal Or...


Hope for New Catalysts with High Activity

Osaka University scientists elucidate the activation mechanism of nanoporous gold catalysts that make carbon monoxide (CO) harmless

Osaka University scientists elucidated the activation mechanism of NPG catalysts that made poisonous CO gas harmless....

Life Sciences & Medicine

Rethinking Existing Method Opens New Doors for Cancer Diagnostics

Osaka University researchers successfully use single-molecule sequencing method to investigate fluid dynamics of a single DNA molecule in solution

Osaka University researchers overcame limitations of current DNA sequencers by using current-tunneling measurements to measure the base sequence and q...


2018 MEXT Minister Prize for Science and Technology awarded for the development of asymmetric catalysts with unique activation mechanism


New calcium sensor for detecting inhibition of neural activity

Can be applied to functional analysis of cells

A group of researchers developed a new GECI which enables the sensitive and simultaneous detection of neuronal inhibition, which was previously diffic...


Invisible structures exposed!

Scientists at Osaka University succeeded in 3D reconstruction of hidden branch structures by using image analysis and artificial intelligence technology, a world first

Scientists at Osaka University succeeded in reconstruction of plant branch structures, including the branch structures under leaves, by using image an...


Electronic paper made of “real” paper

Osaka University-led researchers developed technology to combine “a transparent paper” with high transparency and a conventional “white paper” made fr...

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