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Natural Sciences

The secret adaptive power of photosynthetic complex I is finally revealed

An international team including researchers from Osaka University has explored the structure and function of photosynthetic complex I

An international team including researchers from Osaka University has solved the structure of photosynthetic complex I using cryo-electron microscopy....


Structural fluctuations in proteins determine which direction bacteria are moving

A step forward to artificial nanomachines capable of controlling travelling direction

Life Sciences & Medicine

Eye-Opening Study Differentiates iPS Cells into Various Ocular Lineages

Osaka University-led team reveals how stem cells can be induced to differentiate into the various cells that make up the eye, with potential implications for treating ocular diseases

Osaka University researchers revealed that culturing human induced pluripotent stem cells with different isoforms of the extracellular component lamin...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Gip1 structure places G proteins in lockdown

Researchers show that the protein Gip1 possesses a cylinder-like fold with a central hydrophobic cavity, which forms a complex with heterotrimeric G proteins and inhibits downstream signal transduction

Heterotrimeric G proteins are important in G protein-coupled receptor signaling, which is important in the detection of various stimuli. Here, an Osak...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Lung Neuropeptide Exacerbates Lethal Influenza Virus Infection

Researchers find that neuropeptide Y (NPY) makes influenza worse when produced by lung immune cells

Researchers found that lung immune cells (phagocytes) produce increased levels of neuropeptide Y (NPY) when mice are infected with severe influenza vi...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Heredity Matters: Ancestral Protease Functions as Protein Import Motor in Chloroplasts

Osaka University-led Japanese researchers identify huge motor complex that imports proteins into chloroplasts

Japanese researchers identified a large novel protein complex in the inner chloroplast membrane that functions as a motor to import proteins into the ...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Autonomous gene expression control nanodevice will contribute to medical care

Osaka University-led Japanese scientists construct integrated gene logic-chips called “gene nanochips”

Osaka University-led researchers constructed integrated gene logic-chips called "gene nanochips." These self-contained nanochips can switch genes on o...

Life Sciences & Medicine

High efficiency synthesis of insulin by self-assembly based organic chemistry

Natural Sciences

Photosynthesis Involves a Protein “Piston”

International research collaboration characterizes a protein complex vital in photosynthesis

The photosystem I (PSI)–ferrodoxin (Fd) complex is important in electron transfer during photosynthesis, through which plants convert sunlight, carbon...


Elucidating unknown mechanisms behind protein function

Mechanisms of auto-inhibition of gene expression visualized

A group of researchers clarified that protein function was regulated by post-translational modifications (PTMs) (i.e., phosphorylation) of proteins wi...

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