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Brain function partly replicated by nanomaterials

Molecular/carbon nanotube network devices enable artificial spiking neurons that mimic nerve impulse generation

Osaka University-centered researchers created extremely dense, random SWNT/POM network molecular neuromorphic devices, generating spontaneous spikes s...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Competition for space: oncogenic mutant cells vs normal cells

Osaka University-led researchers reveal the mechanism behind space expansion of oncogenic mutant cells

Osaka University-led researchers discovered how oncogenic mutant cells selectively expand into surrounding normal tissues and occupy them based on pre...

Natural Sciences

Ratchet Up the Pressure: Molecular Machine Exploits Motion in a Single Direction

Osaka University-led researchers invent “ratchet-like molecular machine,” where a chemical reaction is coupled with unidirectional movement, as a possible component for molecular motors

A Japanese research team led by Osaka University developed a “ratchet-like molecular machine,” which promotes uni-directional molecular motion during ...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Organ regeneration is no longer a distant dream

Osaka University scientists clarify what cellular behavior drives left-right (LR) asymmetric organ morphogenesis

Researchers at Osaka University used live imaging of the Drosophila embryonic hindgut and computer simulations to clarify that a novel cellular behavi...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Study sheds light on bacterial propeller assembly

Japanese researchers propose a model for how the parts of a bacterial flagellum are assembled

The bacterial flagellum is a motor whose assembly occurs in an ordered, stepwise fashion. However, the molecular details of this ordered assembly are ...


Uncovering the secret law of the evolution of galaxy clusters

Analysis of Gravitational lensing data by an international research team reveals that the evolution of galaxy clusters is dictated by a surprisingly simple law, which clearly shows that they are still growing.


Dance of auroras

Scientists make first direct observation of electron frolic

Natural Sciences

Direct observation of topology hidden inside materials

Determining the topological nature of materials by their substances is more important than their appearance

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