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Efficiently turning light into electricity

New research has now shown that certain perovskites in fact do have this desirable property

Perovskites form a group of crystals that have many promising properties for applications in nano-technology. However, one useful property that so far...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Seeing Pesticides Spread Through Insect Bodies

Osaka University-led research team develops a new way of looking at insect bodies to answer questions about the effectiveness of pesticides and guide development of more specific alternatives

Osaka University-led team provides insights into the distribution of pesticides within insects using a newly developed method of insect sample prepara...


Commercially relevant bismuth-based thin film processing

Researchers from Osaka University demonstrate a photoresponsive film processing technique that balances morphological properties with electronic performance

Osaka University researchers prepared 2D layered, visible-light-absorbing bismuth sulfide semiconductors using a two-step process. The resulting film ...


Environmentally Friendly Photoluminescent Nanoparticles for More Vivid Display Colors

Researchers create new type of light-emitting nanoparticle made of ternary non-toxic semiconductors to help create displays and LED lighting with better colors that are more environmentally friendly

A Japan-based research team led by Osaka University synthesized non-toxic, cadmium-free light-emitting nanoparticles. The nanoparticles emit clean col...


Brain function partly replicated by nanomaterials

Molecular/carbon nanotube network devices enable artificial spiking neurons that mimic nerve impulse generation

Osaka University-centered researchers created extremely dense, random SWNT/POM network molecular neuromorphic devices, generating spontaneous spikes s...

Natural Sciences

Rays of hope for development of materials for 3D displays and medical applications

Osaka University scientists synthesize symmetry-based S- and X-shaped double hexahelicenes, enhancing their chiroptical performance

Scientists at Osaka University aligned two hexahelicenes in various orientations, theoretically examined, and proposed that S- and X-shaped double hex...

Natural Sciences

Porous materials shed light on environmental purification

A joint group of researchers from Japan and Spain develop thermally and chemically durable organic frameworks with large surface area

An international collaboration between Osaka University, Japan, and the University of Castilla, Spain, developed stable single-crystalline porous hydr...


Novel micro thermoelectric generator to utilize thermal difference between environmental and body heats

Will open up a pathway to a permanent power source that supports IoT-based society

Natural Sciences

Approaching an Ideal Amino Acid Synthesis Using Hydrogen

Researchers from Osaka University develop a green and sustainable method for reductive alkylation of multiply substituted amines

Osaka University researchers demonstrated a reductive alkylation method for the functionalization of substituted amines using hydrogen, which is effic...


Direct visualization of dynamic structures of protein disaggregation molecular machines

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