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Mechanisms by which Plants Repress Growth under Osmotic Stress

Osmotic stress directly modifies well-known developmental program for epidermal development

Plants, unlike most animals, greatly change their sizes depending on the environment. Osmotic stress directly modifies this developmental program for ...


New quantum magnets employing oxygen molecules produced

Successfully observation of the Haldane effect

This joint group decided to make a new type of magnet by encapsulating oxygen molecules in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNT)....


A world-first: Formation of direct covalent bond achieved in macroscopic cross-coupling reaction!

Directly bonds materials at the molecular level

They found that the adhesion mechanism for making use of covalent bond formation could be used not only for bonding between soft materials, gels, but ...


Important step in the realization of alternative energy sources

Makes use of self-assembly, synthesis techniques

They found that a one-dimensional space for hydrogen storage was the largest among existing MOFs at ambient conditions!...


Workings of the bacterial flagellar motor clarified

assembly and anchoring of the stator to the motor as well as ion translocation are linked

There is a close relationship between the pathogenicity and the motility of bacteria. Thus, understanding and control of motility is a major challenge...


Gel, responsive to metal ions, developed as a functional adhesive material

Adhesion ability was reversibly controlled!

The CD-bpy gel demonstrated responsiveness to metal ions and showed selective adhesion ability based on molecular recognition in CD. Moreover, the adh...


Discovery of Earth-like planet in binary system 3,000 light-years from Earth

The masses of the stars in this binary system are nearly equal

The confirmation by these groups of a terrestrial planet in a binary system holds promise of additional similar discoveries in other binary systems....


Successful non-destructive elementary analysis using a muon beam

As the penetration of characteristic muonic X-rays into matter is high, it becomes possible to obtain information about chemical composition inside ma...


Successful exponential increase in NMR signals at room temperature

Costs will be cut significantly

This method is expected to make it possible to increase the sensitivity of normal NMR by about 10,000 times and make it possible to analyze samples of...


Clear relationship implicated between mass extinction event following the Chicxulub impact and worldwide acid rain

Effects of impact vaporization duplicated! A world-first achievement!

Theoretical studies had assumed airborne sulfuric acid took several months to fall back to earth; these researchers succeeding in demonstrating that p...

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