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NTN4 shown to be key molecule in activity-dependent neuronal wiring during brain development period

The amount of NTN4 in postnatal development changed in relation to the level of environmental stimuli

This group's results have verified that not only are genetic factors important, but also exposure to appropriate stimuli in childhood contributes to n...


Interfering with muscarinic ACh receptor function impairs well-trained memory

3 hours later, the rats had recovered

Within 30 minutes of SCOP being administered, the rats ceased to manipulate any levers although they seemed to be curious about the levers. However, 3...


DNA modification mechanism necessary for individuality of neurons and normal dendrite development

Clustered Protocadherins (cPcdh) are involved in the individuality of neurons.

This group discovered that epigenetic regulation during early embryonic stages is important in determining the individuality of neurons and in the for...


Elucidation at the atomic level of the structure of a voltage-gated hydrogen ion channel

Will likely create a ripple effect in the development of new drugs and more

This group has elucidated how the sensor only allows the permeation of hydrogen ions when necessary. Their achievement will lead to further clarificat...

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