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Undergraduate international students achieve ground-breaking research at OU!

Their achievement is proof of the high quality of education programs at OU

The group of researchers noted here succeeded in developing a technique for the fabrication of nanowires which expand and contract in response to ligh...


New method reliably supplies protein microcrystals for serial femtosecond crystallography

Determination of 3D crystal structures possible with small samples

The necessary sample volume for this technique is less than 1 mg, a tenth to a hundredth of that necessary using conventional methods. ...


Sulfothermophilic red alga, Galdieria sulphuraria, efficiently recovers rare earth elements in acidic solutions

G. sulphuraria's mechanism for recovering rare earth elements was different from biosorption

Different from biosorption, Galdieria sulphuraria can efficiently incorporate rare earth elements contained in aqueous acid at low concentrations into...


Identification of enzyme gene involved in biosynthesis of toxic steroid glycoalkaloid (SGA) in potato

Reduction of SGA levels in potato breeding is considered an important goal.

This group created SSR2-silenced potatoes and SSR2-disrupted potatoes and found that SGA levels in these recombinant potatoes were 10 percent lower th...


Success in affixing fluoropolymer to Isobtylene-isoprene Rubber without using adhesive

This group's technique will be sought after as a technology for covering IIR with PTFE

A technique for reducing sliding friction of IIR by neither using a lubricant nor affixing the fluoropolymer film to IIR with an adhesive has been sou...


Encapsulated lithium ions increased reactivity of fullerenes 2400-fold

Successful clarification of intramolecular effects of lithium ion encapsulation


New atomic manipulation technique for assembling nanoclusters

Will likely lead to the development of single-electron devices and nanocatalysts.

It appears to now be possible to create nanoclusters possessing the number of constituent atoms and composition desired. ...


Successful establishment of "Integrated Synthetic Genetics,” a new methodology

By using artificial cells, this group has succeeded in developing a method for determining sets of genes required for the functioning of any biologica...


Power density of hard X-ray laser pulses increased by a factor in excess of 100

Achieved an extraordinary power density

Because some physical phenomena cannot be observed with such power density, they developed a complicated system enabling highly tunable enhanced power...


Successful fabrication of protein nanowires with a large surface area

Nanowires with aspect ratios of over 1,000

These findings demonstrate the possibility of selectively fabricating nanowires possessing a variety of chemical compositions and binding them by cont...

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