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Important role played by the "useless" appendix clarified

The appendix generates IgA and plays role in regulation of intestinal bacterial flora

The development of methods for regulating gut immunity flora that take into account the importance of the lymph tissue in the appendix may lead to the...


Interfering with muscarinic ACh receptor function impairs well-trained memory

3 hours later, the rats had recovered

Within 30 minutes of SCOP being administered, the rats ceased to manipulate any levers although they seemed to be curious about the levers. However, 3...


Successful optimization of novel peptide in development of wound and refractory cutaneous ulcer treatment

Exhibits wound healing effects and antibacterial activity

The group succeeded in producing an optimized compound SR-0379, a new more stable shorter peptide containing 20 amino acids, that exhibited wound heal...


Major step forward in new treatment for type 2 diabetes mellitus

Elevated levels of GLP-1 were maintained in mice for 3 months

These researchers took a totally new approach in inhibiting DPP4 function and developed a vaccine which would bring about inhibition of DPP4 function....


Promoting joint research in drug re-profiling between Industry and Academia

Examining new applications for drugs whose clinical development was terminated

Such university-industry joint research efficiently promotes the development of medicines and make it possible to reduce risk and cost in the developm...


Elucidation at the atomic level of the structure of a voltage-gated hydrogen ion channel

Will likely create a ripple effect in the development of new drugs and more

This group has elucidated how the sensor only allows the permeation of hydrogen ions when necessary. Their achievement will lead to further clarificat...


Poor response to Eculizumab found tied to rare Genetic Variant in C5

Analysis of C5 genes in 11 patients identified a heterozygous mutation, c.2654G→A, in all cases!

When this group analyzed the mutant C5 protein p.Arg885His, they found the natural functioning of hemolytic activity to be normal. However, they also ...


Identification of a significant modifier of the amount of amyloid-ß (Aß) peptide, strongly implicated in Alzheimer's disease, that accumulates in the brain of Alzheimer's patients.

Similar transcriptome analyses will certainly be applicable in identification of genetic factors in multifactorial disorders

A ground-breaking discovery that may lead to the development of insightful diagnosis and therapeutic methods in the identification of genetic factors ...

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