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Mechanisms by which Plants Repress Growth under Osmotic Stress

Osmotic stress directly modifies well-known developmental program for epidermal development

Plants, unlike most animals, greatly change their sizes depending on the environment. Osmotic stress directly modifies this developmental program for ...


Gene networks related to cognitive function in schizophrenia identified

May lead to development of effective drugs for schizophrenia and cognitive impairment

This group's finding that gene networks related to cognitive impairment in schizophrenia means the discovery of drug target, the foundation for develo...


Detection of self-reactive CD8+ T cells with an anergic phenotype in healthy individuals

Finding may lead to novel therapeutic methods

How regulatory T cells stably suppress self-reactive T cells for a long time and the characteristics of these suppressed cells in vivo have not been c...


Elucidation of mechanism by which Regulatory T-cells control vaccination response

CTLA-4 controls antibody production

These results are important as they will allow us to develop new ways to either decrease Treg function to enhance vaccine responses or boost Treg func...


Silicon thermoelectric nanomaterials with minimum thermal conductivity achieved

Recycling exhaust heat as electric energy has entered the realm of possibility

Without the use of rare metals, they achieved properties necessary for achieving high-TE-performance, that is, high electrical conductivity and low th...


Immune cells for suppressing the deterioration of multiple sclerosis identified

Plasmablastas suppress deterioration in multiple sclerosis (MS)

Control of differentiation in IL-10-producing plasmablasts may lead to the development of new methods for treating MS...


Discovery of a colossal thermomagnetic effect caused by superconducting fluctuation effect

Suggests possible application to thermoelectric conversion materials


Dietary Yeasts Reduce Inflammation in Central Nerve System via Microflora

Candida kefyr ameliorates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE)

n this study, we sought to determine whether yeasts found in fermented foods have beneficial effects on EAE. Our results suggested that ingestion of C...


A mechanism for immune regulation by the nervous system

Control of lymphocyte trafficking by adrenergic nerves

Adrenergic nerves transmit activities of the sympathetic nervous system to every organ system and play a major role in mediating stress responses. The...


Undergraduate international students achieve ground-breaking research at OU!

Their achievement is proof of the high quality of education programs at OU

The group of researchers noted here succeeded in developing a technique for the fabrication of nanowires which expand and contract in response to ligh...


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