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Using doughnut-like laser beams, success in selectively extracting and assembling Ag nanoparticles

Great potential for selectively extracting and assembling nanoparticles on substrates

Group succeeded in selectively extracting uniform particles from metallic nanoparticle solutions and selectively assembling those particles into ring-...


Huggable communication medium, Hugvie®, brings about a notable decrease in stress

"Feel the presence" even when distant

Their research data has shown, by measuring hormonal changes in the body, that hugging a pillow-type communication medium, "Hugvie," while conversing ...


Development of spin-torque diodes with radio frequency detection sensitivity three times that of semiconductor diodes

Step to new applications for spintronic devices

This joint group of researchers succeeded in developing a spin-torque diode possessing higher performance than that of a semiconductor diode by using ...


Mystery of distorted-chair structure in photosynthesis clarified

Major step in realization of artificial photosynthesis

In Mn4CaO5, a complex, natural catalyst in photosynthetic protein Photosystem II (PSII), the bonds between manganese (Mn) and oxygen (O) atoms are elo...


The first commercially viable terahertz ellipsometer created

Enables non-contact evaluation of wide-gap semiconductors!

Through the application of ellipsometry to terahertz spectroscopy, this research group succeeded in creating the first commercially viable terahertz e...


Compacted chromatin found to be highly resistant to radiation and/or chemical agent damage


E-book pilot program at 8 universities — Shared-use of e-books in university libraries. First step to full-fledged e-book services


Elucidation of cellular mechanism for removing invading pathogens

clarification of important role ubiquitin plays


Successful observation of structural distortion, distribution of strain, in carbon nano tubes using Raman scattering microscopy


Successful proliferation of hepatic progenitors derived from human iPS cells

Holds promise in realization of regenerative medicine and drug screening

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