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Tripled thermoelectric conversion efficiency achieved with bottom-up nanostructured bulk Silicon

The technology developed by the group holds great promise!

Conventional TE materials are not only inefficient, they also contain toxic materials and/or rare elements. In contrast, Si is abundant and not toxic....


Successful controlled THz polarization with evenly-spaced stacked metal plates

Creates new possibilities in polarization-sensitive spectroscopy in the infrared frequency region

Technology developed for producing controlled polarization of THz electromagnetic radiation with variations in the creation and arrangement of evenly-...


Successful building of a data backup and sharing platform

System makes use of continuously migrating vitual machine [VM]

This group achieved success in establishing a system for backup of data and active-standby configuration of such data, an ideal disaster recovery plan...


Semiconductor device simulator achieves huge increase in calculation speed!

More than one thousand times faster!

This group of researchers developed a semiconductor device simulator enabling calculation of the properties of a device at the atomic level. In order...


New screening method greatly facilitates production of desirable metabolites in microbes

Further improvement more than likely!

This group of researchers has developed a screening method named FastPros for obtaining optimal knockout sets in order to facilitate the production of...


Innate immune cells abnormally activated and induced development of Th17 cells

Step in the understanding and therapeutic treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases

Researchers have clarified a possible role of human intestinal innate immune cells in inducing the development of Th17 cells, cells implicated in the ...


Successful analysis of nanoparticle size distribution and structure differentiation using focused hard XFEL pulses

Opens up new frontier!

A group of researchers at Osaka University, Keio University, and RIKEN SPring-8 Center demonstrated success in the coherent diffraction imaging analys...


Boosting Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) without resorting to low temperatures

Major step in enhanced NMR/MRI sensitivity

Researchers succeeded in drastically increasing the intensity of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) signal of organic compounds in a glassy matrix with ...


Non-contact measurement device developed for measuring charge carrier mobility

Accelerates the development of semiconductor devices!

Succeeded in developing a technique for measuring the charge carrier mobility at the insulator-semiconductor interface using an original non-contact m...


Clarification of mechanism behind stable neocentromere relocation in chromosomes

Clarified stable relocation of kinetochores in subtelomeric positions on a chromosome

This group demonstrated that kinetochores could be relocated on chromosomal regions other than centromeres and that for such relocation to be successf...


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