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Successful recording of 3D movie of atom movement in proteins at an x-ray free electron laser (XFEL)

Mechanism behind transport of hydrogen ions following photoactivation clarified

A group of researchers succeeded in filming movement of membrane proteins frame by frame at an atomic level by using high-quality light at the RIKEN’s...


Fast and Simple Way to Make Highly Ordered Porous Films

Osaka-based researchers develop one-step method to coat centimeter-sized inorganic substrates with fully aligned metal–organic framework films


Calcium Aids Chromosome Condensation Prior to Cell Division

Research reveals role for calcium ions in chromosome condensation during mitosis


A remote-controlled construction robot capable of fine manipulation developed

A heavy industry robot used in disaster relief areas in the ImPACT Tough Robotics Challenge Program

A group of research leaders developed a prototype of a construction robot for disaster relief situations. This prototype has drastically improved oper...


Technology for quick 3D structure determination of membrane proteins developed

SACLA’s new technology accelerates designing new drugs

A joint group of researchers succeeded in developing technology for quickly determining membrane protein structures by using the SACLA at the XFEL fac...


Detailed combustion behavior of pulverized coal in co-combustion with ammonia elucidated

Findings will lead to the expansion of recycled energy use

A group of researchers succeeded in visualizing co-combustion of pulverized coal and ammonia at high temporal-spatial resolution, a world first. This ...


A small step toward commercialization of ammonia combustion in industrial furnaces instead of fossil fuel

Ammonia combustion technology for reducing NOx generation developed

A group of researchers clarified the effectiveness of the use of oxygen-enriched combustion in ammonia combustion in terms of increasing flame tempera...


Crystal growth by laser ablation, an innovative protein crystallization method, developed

Will lead to the elucidation of various protein functions

A group of researchers developed an innovative technology for growing large protein crystals via laser ablation. It is hoped that this technique will ...


Successful partial hybrid cells of humans and plants

A first step toward the clarification of life principles conserved beyond 1.6 billion years of evolution

A group of researchers succeeded in developing hybrid cells, although a partial one, between humans and plants, a world first. ...


Successful verification of a new technique, dark-field X-ray ptychography

A step towards the world’s best spatial resolution and sensitivity by X-ray imaging

A group of researchers succeeded in verifying dark-field X-ray ptychography. This group’s achievement has made imaging with high spatial resolution an...


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