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Relationship between metabolic syndrome and masticatory performance revealed, a world first

Will lead to application to risk assessment of metabolic syndrome by measuring masticatory performance

A group of researchers clarified a relationship between the decline of masticatory performance and the prevalence of metabolic syndrome (MetS), based ...


Discovery of partial action mechanism of drugs for treating treatment-resistant schizophrenia

Will lead to the development of biomarker for predicting response to therapy

A group of researchers performed research in order to clarify the molecular mechanism behind differences in response to clozapine therapy in monozygot...


Mechanism behind higher brain function of enhancing appetite by opiate-like anandamide clarified

Will contribute to the elucidation of brain mechanism behind feeding behavior triggered by deliciousness

A group of researchers clarified that neural activity generated in the gustatory insula by administration of anandamide, or endogenetic cannabinoid, i...


Quality of sleep easily quantifiable by applying cool gel sheet to the forehead

Real-time monitoring of brain waves over the internet to become a reality

In a joint research project, it was confirmed that it was possible to perform wireless measurement of brain waves during sleep simply by letting a sub...


AGEs involved in aging found to suppress the progress of dental caries

Will be helpful in detecting dental caries and systemic illness

A research group captured AGEs in dentine using fluorescence and clarified that AGEs influenced progression of caries in dentin, a world first. These ...


A mechanism behind the molecular neuromechanism of chewing food elucidated

Ion channels responsible for rank-ordered recruitment of motoneurons

A group of researchers clarified that TASK channels were a molecular basis for controlling rank-ordered recruitment of motor units, and that nitric ox...


A device to prevent side effects of tongue cancer radiation therapy developed, a world first

Tongue-conserving radiation therapy now an option

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