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On January 30, 2014, Osaka University and AstraZeneca signed a memorandum on joint research on drug re-profiling studies in the area of cardiovascular diseases. Drug re-profiling aims to boost drug discovery by examining possibilities for new applications for certain drugs whose clinical development was terminated for some reason. Making use of resources possessed by the Early-stage and Exploratory Clinical Trial Center at Osaka University, this joint research will, for the first in Japan, promote genuine joint research in drug re-profiling between AstraZeneca and academia. In accordance with the memorandum, AstraZeneca will provide Osaka University with information on non-clinical and clinical trials for specific chemical compounds. Exploiting its know-how, Osaka University will fully examine the information and conduct non-clinical research, in consultation with AstraZeneca, on new applications for cardiovascular diseases.

Furthermore, in cooperation with the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Small Molecule Research Unit at AstraZeneca, Osaka University will pursue new possibilities for practical application of drugs whose development was terminated but which are deemed promising as a result of this joint research. Such university-industry joint research efficiently promotes the development of medicines and makes it possible to reduce risk and cost in the development of new pharmaceuticals through making use of both parties' resources.

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