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Walk This Way: A Better Way to Identify Gait Differences

Osaka University researchers design a gait recognition method that can overcome intra-subject variations by view differences

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Gender roles in ancient times

Japanese scientists show how the expression of a single gene, doublesex1, in the embryo of the ancient crustacean Daphnia magna determines the growth of gender-specific traits

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How Bacteria Get Their Groove: Mechanism behind Flagellar Motility

Osaka University study sheds light on mechanism underlying the assembly and activation of flagellar motor in the bacteria Bacillus subtilis

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Mending hearts in three dimensions

Kyoto-Osaka team uses hiPSCs to repair myocardial infarctions in rats

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Breaking the Chain: Catalyzing a Green Future for Chemistry

Osaka University researchers create catalyst for refining chemicals in plant waste, allowing a green way to produce valuable raw materials


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