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Electrical Engineering/Electronics

Getting single-crystal diamond ready for electronics

Researchers from Osaka University and collaborating partners polished single-crystal diamond to near-atomic smoothness without damaging it. This will ...

Detecting early-stage failure in electric power conversion devices

Researchers from Osaka University used acoustic emission during power cycling tests to monitor in real time the complete failure process—from the earl...

How do you power billions of sensors? By converting waste heat into electricity

Osaka University researchers found that thermoelectric power generators lose a great deal of their possible output power because of thermal and electr...

A flexible brain for AI

Scientists at Osaka University developed a customizable computing device using nanofabricated switches than can be rewired to optimize AI applications...

Light-up wheels: Unique organic light-emitting molecular emitters

Researchers at Osaka University synthesized novel OLEDs based on efficient ring-shaped molecular macrocycles. This work may help lead to sensitive, ye...

(Noise-) Less is More

Researchers from Osaka University developed a high precision 3D circuit simulator in the time-domain for quantifying EM noise and elucidated its origi...

Elucidation of cause of electromagnetic noise allows for EM noise-less electric circuits

Researchers from Osaka University developed equations for quantifying electromagnetic interference (EM noise) and elucidated its origin, allowing for ...

Quality of laser beam shaping can be enhanced at no extra cost!

Researchers from Osaka University developed a technique for improving accuracy of laser beam shaping and wavefront obtained by conventional methods wi...

Researchers in Japan Make Android Child’s Face Strikingly More Expressive

Feeling the Pressure with Universal Tactile Imaging

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