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Good Vibrations: Using Piezoelectricity to Ensure Hydrogen Sensor Sensitivity

Researchers at Osaka University develop a new process for producing palladium nanoparticles that are 12 times more sensitive to hydrogen than those made with previous methods

Researchers at Osaka University developed a new method that uses piezoelectric resonance to improve the manufacture of highly sensitive hydrogen senso...


Excitonic radiative decay faster than thermal dephasing in ZnO thin films

Study will lead to the development of next-generation energy-saving photonic devices

Natural Sciences

Mystery of texture of Guinness beer: inclination angle of a pint glass is key to solution

Bubble cascade in beer is found to be analogous to roll waves observed in water sliding downhill on a rainy day


Graphene structure effective for hydrogen evolution reaction

Will accelerate low-cost production of hydrogen using metal-free electrodes


Pressure Makes Best Cooling

Microscopic scenario for “colossal barocaloric effects” in plastic crystals


Computational algorithm to reduce electromagnetic noise in electronic circuits developed

Osaka University researchers develop a computational algorithm for describing electromagnetic noise in electric circuits using a method based on electromagnetic studies and circuit theory

Two researchers at Osaka University developed an algorithm for numerical calculation of EM noise (interference) in electric circuits. This algorithm i...

Natural Sciences

First proof-of-principle experiment of quantum repeaters with all photonics

First big step towards a ‘quantum internet’ as the Holy Grail of information-processing networks

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