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Natural Sciences

Efficient generation of high-density plasma enabled by high magnetic field

Heating efficiency of laser fusion plasma has been enhanced by guiding relativistic electron beam to a pre-compressed plasma core using a kilo-tesla-level magnetic field

An international joint research group led by Osaka University demonstrated that it was possible to efficiently heat plasma by focusing a relativistic ...


Diamond capsules improve performance of laser fusion

A stiffer and denser material would reduce laser imprinting on the surface of a capsule for nuclear fusion fuel

Osaka University-led researchers demonstrated that the perturbation of laser imprinting on a capsule for nuclear fusion fuel made from stiff and heavy...

Natural Sciences

Could a particle accelerator using laser-driven implosion become a reality?

Osaka University scientists discover new particle acceleration by micro-bubbles

Scientists discovered a novel particle acceleration mechanism called ‘micro-bubble implosion,’ in which super-high energy hydrogen ions (relativistic ...


Microanalysis of biological samples for early disease detection

Researchers from Osaka University develop sensing method with the potential to significantly contribute to early detection of cancer and diabetes

Osaka University researchers developed a microanalysis device that uses terahertz waves, showing high sensitivity for detecting ultra-trace amounts of...


Shedding (high-power laser) light on the plasma density limit

Japanese researchers show plasma density limit for the interaction of high-power lasers with matter

Researchers theoretically proposed the existence of density limit for hole boring by laser light on matter. They derived the maximum plasma density as...

Natural Sciences

Mind your speed: A magnetic brake on proton acceleration

Osaka University-led international researchers probe the energy limits of protons emitted from laser-bombarded solids

An international research team led by Osaka University studied high-energy protons emitted from laser-bombarded solids. Recent studies found that high...

Natural Sciences

Successful guiding of light-speed electrons using the strongest magnetic field

Will be applied to the reproduction of physical phenomena of the universe and efficient nuclear fusion

An international joint research team succeeded in efficient guiding of a MeV electron beam through solid-density matter by externally imposing a magne...

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