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Novel technology reduces energy consumption of MRAM and AI hardware

Researchers efficiently control magnetic pole direction in nano-magnets using heat, amplifying microwave signals

Researchers from Osaka University, in collaboration with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and Grenoble Alpe...


Magic trick makes shadows vanish: projection mapping technique developed to reduce shadow

Researchers at Osaka University develop projection mapping technology that virtually eliminates shadows on a projection surface even if light is blocked by an object

By projecting images onto a surface from a wide range of directions, a group of researchers led by Kosuke Sato at Osaka University developed a project...


Feeling the Pressure with Universal Tactile Imaging

Researchers use thin conductive layers and a tomography-based approach to develop low-cost tactile imaging sensors that can measure pressure distribution without using pressure-sensitive materials


Powered by Windows: Enhanced Power Factor in Transparent Thermoelectric Nanowire Materials

A research group led by Professor Yoshiaki Nakamura of Osaka University successfully developed a methodology for enhancing thermoelectric power factor...

Natural Sciences

Discovery of unfavorable H-bond conformation of molecules necessary for saltwater adaptation of marine animals

Will advance molecular level understanding of interaction osmolytes

Natural Sciences

Mystery of circles on the sea bed uncovered

New pufferfish found to be the geometric circle creator on the sea bottom

Natural Sciences

Long-range interactions of erbium ions in magnet discovered

Will lead to development of quantum computer and technology of direct conversion of heat to light


More human-like conversation by humanoid robots

Freely-movable child-like android joins the ranks of humanoid robots


Corrosion-resistant non-noble metal electrodes in acidic electrolytes developed

Practical electrode performance achieved at a low cost

Natural Sciences

Long-distance single photon transmission using trapped ions

Will create new possibilities in long-distance quantum information communication

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