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Give It the Plasma Treatment: Strong Adhesion without Adhesives

Researchers bond polymers to glass and metal by using surface chemistry rather than adhesives, opening doors to potential use in food production and medicine

A Japanese research team at Osaka University used plasma treatment to make fluoropolymers and silicone resin adhere without any adhesives. Heat-assist...


Magnetization process in antiferromagnetic materials observed


Macroscopic phenomena governed by microscopic physics

Researchers at Osaka University observe magnetic reconnection found in the Sun and Earth’s magnetosphere through experimentation with high power laser

Researchers at Osaka University observe a magnetic reconnection driven by electron dynamics in laser-produced plasmas. Magnetic reconnections are ofte...


Focus on this: Japanese team increases X-ray laser focusing ability

Osaka University-led collaboration fabricates multilayer mirrors that provide an X-ray free-electron laser with sub-10 nm beam size

Osaka University-based researchers fabricated multilayer mirrors that improved the focusing of X-ray free-electron laser (XFEL) beams. The wavefront o...


Researchers in Japan Make Android Child’s Face Strikingly More Expressive

Researchers at Osaka University employ a quantitative approach to add rich nuance to the expressions of their robot child face


New material to efficiently convert heat to electricity, YbSiGe, developed

Will be applied to energy harvesting and improving of fuel efficiency of motor vehicles


Photo recognition that keeps personal interests private

Researchers at Osaka University propose a privacy-preserving framework for image recognition that eliminates the high computational cost of encryption

Photo-based information services that use image recognition can identify a user's location and other private information, such as personal interests a...


Intracellular information is diffused through assembly and dissociation of Wnt protein complexes by regulating information diffusion range


Efficiently turning light into electricity

New research has now shown that certain perovskites in fact do have this desirable property

Perovskites form a group of crystals that have many promising properties for applications in nano-technology. However, one useful property that so far...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Seeing Pesticides Spread Through Insect Bodies

Osaka University-led research team develops a new way of looking at insect bodies to answer questions about the effectiveness of pesticides and guide development of more specific alternatives

Osaka University-led team provides insights into the distribution of pesticides within insects using a newly developed method of insect sample prepara...


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