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Life Sciences & Medicine

Discovery of key molecules involved in severe malaria

A new target for malaria vaccine

Life Sciences & Medicine

The pancreas provides a potential drug candidate for brain disease

Osaka University researchers show FGF21, a factor secreted by the pancreas, promotes remyelination in the central nervous system after injury

Life Sciences & Medicine

Plasmodium by-products persist in the bone marrow and promote chronic bone loss

Another hidden pathology caused by malaria infection

Life Sciences & Medicine

Regulator of Chromosome Structure Crucial to Healthy Brain Function and Nerve Development

Research led by Osaka University identifies cohesin protein as key to control of chromosome structure underlying nerve cell network formation

Life Sciences & Medicine

Genetic control of immune cell proliferation

Members at IFReC, Osaka University provide new insights on why the tumor suppression gene Foxo1 can actually be the cause of some cancers

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