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Plasma metabolites related to the severity of depression and suicidal ideation identified

A step toward to the development of objective diagnosis methods for depression

A group of researchers discovered metabolites related to SI and that metabolites varied by symptom, such as feeling of guilty and SI. Based on this gr...


Discovery of partial action mechanism of drugs for treating treatment-resistant schizophrenia

Will lead to the development of biomarker for predicting response to therapy

A group of researchers performed research in order to clarify the molecular mechanism behind differences in response to clozapine therapy in monozygot...


Quality of sleep easily quantifiable by applying cool gel sheet to the forehead

Real-time monitoring of brain waves over the internet to become a reality

In a joint research project, it was confirmed that it was possible to perform wireless measurement of brain waves during sleep simply by letting a sub...


Research on effects of guidelines for dissemination and education of psychiatric care begins

A big step towards better medical care through education for psychiatrists

A group of researchers began a research project, “Effectiveness of Guideline for Dissemination and Education in psychiatric treatment (EGUIDE),” in wh...


Risk allele for side effects induced by Clozapine identified

A stepping stone towards safe and appropriate treatment for patients

A group of researchers conducted a genome-wide pharmacogenomic analysis and detected a significant association of HLA-B*59:01 with Clozapine-induced a...


Elucidation of how abnormalities in intracellular protein trafficking interfere with higher brain functions

Will lead to the development of new therapeutic medicines for neuropsychiatric disorders

A group of researchers found the mechanism for regulating synaptic functions via intracellular protein trafficking and revealed that abnormalities in ...


Key findings -- Discovery of the characteristics of subcortical regions in schizophrenia

The existence of an asymmetry for globus pallidus volume

A research group replicated prior findings that the volume of globus pallidus (one of the basal ganglia in the brain) in schizophrenia was larger tha...

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