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New topological materials, “Weyl semimetals,” discovered

Momentum toward the development of super-high-speed next-generation devices with low power consumption

A group of researchers succeeded in discovering a new topological material, Weyl semimetal. Weyl particles have a very high electric and heat conducti...


Artificial intelligence to predict people’s preferences developed

Computers predict marketability of products

A group of researchers has developed technology for predicting consumers’ preferences and tastes for media such as songs and images by using artificia...


A method for isolating olfactory receptors responding to specific odorants developed

A small step toward the elucidation of a mechanism for recognizing odorants in mammals

A group of researchers developed a method for making a prompt, exhaustive isolation of olfactory receptors (ORs) responding to the odorant of interest...


4π-periodic superconductivity with a topological insulator observed, a world first

A first step toward error-resistant quantum computing

A group of researchers succeeded in observing zero-energy Andreev bound states in the junction of a topological insulator and superconductors, a world...


A palm-sized patch-type brain sensor with measurement accuracy similar to large medical equipment developed

Observations of brain condition can be made anytime, anywhere

A team of researchers succeeded in developing a patch-type brain wave sensor, which can be easily attached just like applying a cool soft gel sheet on...

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