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Maintenance of ring-shaped proteins prevents mutations

A mechanism for repairing errors in DNA synthesis and preventing mutations clarified

A joint group of researchers clarified a system for repairing errors in DNA synthesis and preventing mutations and cancer. It is expected that this gr...


Quantitative assessment of fault slip in Nankai megathrust earthquakes achieved

A new method for assessing near-trench slip potential

A group of researchers using fault-rock samples collected during expeditions by the deep sea scientific drilling vessel "Chikyu," examined mineral com...


Successful synthesis of gold compounds showing reversibly emitting light in response to heating and grinding

Will be used for luminescent sensor devices and luminous paint

An international joint research group discovered an extremely emissive gold(I) compound, which shows reversible, two-step emission color change in res...


Activity of nerve cell in freely moving animal analyzed by new robot microscope system

Brain activity of nematode controlled through projection mapping

A group of researchers has developed a novel robot microscope system that automatically tracks a freely moving small animal and manipulates its brain ...


Elastic photoresponsive gels developed

New materials for artificial muscles and electrodes

A group of researchers developed hydrogel actuators containing cyclic polysaccharide cyclodextrin and photoresponsive molecule azobenzen (Azo) as mole...


Structure of protein secretion device of germs clarified at the atomic level

Origin of ATPases are hair and venomous needle?


How vibrio cholera is attracted by bile elucidated

Toward the prevention of cholera, an infectious disease that threatens the world


Discovery of a magnet capable of controlling Dirac fermions with zero mass

Innovation in application to super-fast spintronics

A group of researchers succeeded in synthesizing two-dimensional layers of bismuth (Bi) with Dirac electrons and magnetic multilayer blocks of europiu...


Clarifying the role of magnetism in high temperature iron-based superconductors

Information about magnetism of materials from measurement of atomic vibrations reported possible for the first time

A collaboration of researchers have succeeded in measuring precisely the phonon dispersions of a parent compound of iron-based superconductors by usin...


Principle of energy conversion via photosynthesis verified

Local protein structures nearly unchanged for 3 billion years

A research group has clarified the principle to construct basic structures of photosynthetic apparatuses. This principle can be applied to the develop...

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