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Time scale of orbital quantum fluctuation using multifrequency electron spin resonance observed, a world first

Will lead to development of materials necessary for the foundation of quantum computers

A group of researchers has realized “Observation of the orbital quantum dynamics in the spin-1/2 hexagonal antiferromagnet Ba3CuSb2O9,” which will pav...


Success in developing a simple method for fabricating single-layer graphene nanoribbons from double-walled carbon nanotubes

Will lead to increased performance of nanodevice circuits

A group of researchers succeeded in finding a method to fabricate single-layer graphene nanoribbon and discovering that the electric property of sGNR ...


Copper oxides without Jahn-Teller distortion

Roadmap to realize a quantum spin-orbital-liquid state

A research team has obtained results to pave the way to realize a new quantum liquid state named “quantum spin-orbital liquid." The team has also succ...


Complicated mechanisms for learning and memory partially elucidated

Role of neural transmitters elucidated through “odor learning” of C. elegans

A group of researchers clarified that two types of neural transmitter substances, neuropeptide and dopamine, play separate roles in the process of C. ...


A world first! Parity effect observed in graphene, a material garnering great attention

A new phenomenon in which flow of electricity completely changes with odd and even numbers of junctions

A research group has successfully proven the parity effect pn junctions formed in graphene. This discovery could lead to the design of new quantum int...


How multicellular animals defend their cells from foreign DNA elucidated

May contribute to simpler methods of gene function analysis

Three researchers at the Graduate School of Science, Osaka University found a first example of DNA interference phenomenon in multicellular animals us...


Successful Observation of Mössbauer Absorption of Potassium Nucleus by Using Synchrotron Radiation

Clarifies the mechanism of an exotic magnetism of nanoparticles and opens the ability of the new microscopic probe

A research group succeeded in observing Mössbauer absorption spectra of potassium nucleus by using a synchrotron-radiation light source for the first ...


A New Technique for the Observation of Membrane Lipid Distribution

Successful observation performed by attaching a small tag to the target lipid

The lipid was considered to be of uniform distribution at raft-like ordered domain, but it was heterogeneous. Their developed methodology of alkyne-ta...


Detecting Excess Shot Noise Connected with a Spin Current

May open a novel way to approach non-equilibrium spin phenomena like spintronics

The observed shot noise is proportional to the spin current, yielding a spin analogue of Schottky's argument. This experimental demonstration could op...


Proteins Recognize the Various Lengths of Fatty Acids Using a Water Cluster

This finding sheds light on molecular mechanism of a promiscuous lipid-protein interaction

The mechanism discovered by the interaction between proteins and lipids would play key roles in FA-related diseases, such as metabolic syndrome and sc...

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