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Tripled thermoelectric conversion efficiency achieved with bottom-up nanostructured bulk Silicon

The technology developed by the group holds great promise!

Conventional TE materials are not only inefficient, they also contain toxic materials and/or rare elements. In contrast, Si is abundant and not toxic....


Semiconductor device simulator achieves huge increase in calculation speed!

More than one thousand times faster!

This group of researchers developed a semiconductor device simulator enabling calculation of the properties of a device at the atomic level. In order...


Successful analysis of nanoparticle size distribution and structure differentiation using focused hard XFEL pulses

Opens up new frontier!

A group of researchers at Osaka University, Keio University, and RIKEN SPring-8 Center demonstrated success in the coherent diffraction imaging analys...


Non-contact measurement device developed for measuring charge carrier mobility

Accelerates the development of semiconductor devices!

Succeeded in developing a technique for measuring the charge carrier mobility at the insulator-semiconductor interface using an original non-contact m...


Compacted chromatin found to be highly resistant to radiation and/or chemical agent damage


Successful observation of structural distortion, distribution of strain, in carbon nano tubes using Raman scattering microscopy


Development of a technology to "evolve" membrane proteins making use of artificial cells


Quantum tunneling effects found in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) working at low temperature

a giant step toward SOFC operated at room temperature


Intramolecular motion in protein molecules successfully monitored by Diffracted X-ray Tracking (DXT)


Construction of metabolic pathway of microorganisms — resulted in successful production of biofuel in a test tube

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