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Robotry/Artificial Intelligence

Birdwatching from afar: amazing new AI-enabled camera system to target specific behaviors

Osaka University researchers have developed an innovative animal-borne data-collection system assisted by artificial intelligence to track previously ...

Hazumi datasets for dialogue systems that recognize human sentiment released

Researchers at Osaka University have released multimodal human-system dialogue corpora Hazumi. Currently, two datasets in Japanese are available for r...

Virtual demolition

Scientists at Osaka University show how buildings and moving objects can be virtually removed from real-time images in a process of “diminished realit...

A flexible brain for AI

Scientists at Osaka University developed a customizable computing device using nanofabricated switches than can be rewired to optimize AI applications...

Cancer Cells Distinguished by Artificial Intelligence-based System

A research team at Osaka University created a system that uses a convolutional neural network to learn the features distinguishing different cancer ce...

Novel technology reduces energy consumption of MRAM and AI hardware

Researchers from Osaka University, in collaboration with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and Grenoble Alpe...

Researchers in Japan Make Android Child’s Face Strikingly More Expressive

Feeling the Pressure with Universal Tactile Imaging

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