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Nickel-catalyzed molecular transformation technology allows rapid synthesis of chiral cyclic skeletons in natural products and drug molecules

A group of researchers developed two-step molecular transformation technology of hydronaphtho[1,8-bc]furan scaffolds from phenols, mass-produced indus...


Image analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) will change dairy farming

Cow gait images allow early detection of serious diseases


Ammonia combustion technology for reducing CO2 emission in industrial furnaces developed


Sustainable Amine Production through Hydrogenation of Amides under Mild Conditions

Osaka University group demonstrates a catalyst that effectively converts amides to amines at low temperature under low hydrogen pressure

Amines are important chemical targets found in pharmaceuticals and polymers. Amine formation from amides is desirable but difficult to achieve because...


A quick and easy detection of drug-resistant bacteria in clinical practice is available at a low cost

A new method for preventing the spread of such bacteria

A group of researchers developed a quick and easy method for detecting Carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (CRE), a type of bacteria that are high...


Super energy efficient magnetic memory achieved by changing the shapes of atoms

A new principle of voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy clarified at SPring-8


High-speed whole-brain imaging improves understanding of brain disease in animals and humans

Researchers at Osaka University develop a high-speed serial-sectioning imaging system that captures high-resolution images of a whole mouse brain and furthers our understanding of brain diseases in rodents and primates

An Osaka University-led research team developed an imaging system that captures high-resolution images of the whole brain at unprecedented speed. This...


Signature Analysis of Single Molecules using their Noise Signals generated by Nanoelectronics

Japanese researchers obtain unique noise signatures from single molecules interacting with carbon nanotube-based electronic devices

An Osaka University-led team reported that the noise signature generated by carbon nanotube-based nanoscale electronic devices was unique to single mo...


Detailed Structure of the Sweat Gland Revealed

Researchers at Osaka University have characterized the structure of human sweat glands down to the single cell level; the findings clarify the functional components of these glands and their interactions with the vasculature and nervous system, and thus could lead to treatments for sweating disorders

Osaka University researchers applied the technique of whole-mount immunostaining to characterize the structural features of human sweat glands as well...


Osaka University researchers push metals to their limits

Osaka University-led research team develops a new metal alloy with exceptional mechanical performance at ultrahigh temperatures

Osaka University researchers develop a new ultrahigh temperature resistant alloy with a unique microstructure, which could lead to improved performanc...

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