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Life Sciences & Medicine

Seeing Pesticides Spread Through Insect Bodies

Osaka University-led research team develops a new way of looking at insect bodies to answer questions about the effectiveness of pesticides and guide development of more specific alternatives

Osaka University-led team provides insights into the distribution of pesticides within insects using a newly developed method of insect sample prepara...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Computer avatars play a part in dementia detection

Accurate and easy-to-use dementia detection system developed

A joint group of researchers from Osaka University and Nara Institute of Science and Technology demonstrated that it was possible to detect dementia f...


Commercially relevant bismuth-based thin film processing

Researchers from Osaka University demonstrate a photoresponsive film processing technique that balances morphological properties with electronic performance

Osaka University researchers prepared 2D layered, visible-light-absorbing bismuth sulfide semiconductors using a two-step process. The resulting film ...

Natural Sciences

Mystery of circles on the sea bed uncovered

New pufferfish found to be the geometric circle creator on the sea bottom

Life Sciences & Medicine

Dectin-1-mediated pain is critical for the resolution of fungal inflammation

Osaka University study shows that the Dectin-1 to TRP channel pathway is a novel signaling mechanism in the onset of pain, and that inhibition of the VNUT ATP transporter blocks candidiasis-mediated pain

Candidiasis is a painful infection that affects a large number of individuals, occasionally causing severe pain that is solely controlled by resolutio...


Method for efficiently conversing quantum state from photons to electron spins

Will promote the realization of quantum dot technology that allows completely secure information communication


Environmentally Friendly Photoluminescent Nanoparticles for More Vivid Display Colors

Researchers create new type of light-emitting nanoparticle made of ternary non-toxic semiconductors to help create displays and LED lighting with better colors that are more environmentally friendly

A Japan-based research team led by Osaka University synthesized non-toxic, cadmium-free light-emitting nanoparticles. The nanoparticles emit clean col...


Tracking Hydrogen Movement using Subatomic Particles

Japanese collaboration detects local nuclear magnetic fields in a solid using negative muons

A Japanese collaboration developed a technique using a beam of subatomic particles called muons to track hydrogen movement in the solid magnesium hydr...

Natural Sciences

Long-range interactions of erbium ions in magnet discovered

Will lead to development of quantum computer and technology of direct conversion of heat to light

Life Sciences & Medicine

Brain cancer potentially resists immunotherapies by trapping T cells in bone marrow

An international research team finds immune cells needed to fight cancer are trapped in the bone marrow by some brain tumors

Researchers in collaboration with Osaka University found that brain tumors in mice and humans cause immune T-cells to become trapped in bone marrow. T...

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