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Highly accurate calculation method for electronic configurations of magnetic molecules will lead to the development of molecular spintronics devices

A group of researchers led by Osaka University, Mie University, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, succeeded in developing a first principles ...


Medication that treats parasite infection also has anti-cancer effect

Researchers in Japan and the United States find ivermectin, a drug used to kill parasites, suppresses tumor development in epithelial ovarian cancer


Novel Small Antibody Fragment: A Valuable Tool in Crystallography

Osaka University researchers create new chimeric antibody fragment to aid structural determination of “uncrystallizable” target protein

Achieving quality diffracting crystals remains the major bottleneck in macromolecular x-ray crystallography. Antibody fragments have been used to aid ...


Physicists Achieve Rapid Magnetic Switching with Lasers

Osaka University-led research shows control over composition of ferrimagnetic materials offers new ways of switching their magnetism

An Osaka University-led research group use an advanced synchrotron measurement system to probe how laser pulses affect the magnetism of ferrimagnetic ...


Epigenetic gene expression mechanism in light sensitive cells in the eye identified

Mechanism for establishing retinal photoreceptor cell identity discovered

A group of researchers clarified the epigenetic control system in retinal photoreceptor cells, demonstrating its importance in neural development. Thi...


Obesity-related gene markers identified

Obesity-related diseases and cells identified through analyses of 170,000 Japanese subjects

A joint group of researchers identified 193 variants (susceptibility loci for body weight regulation) on human genome relevant to body weight regulati...


World’s thinnest 3mm surgical cotton swabs by Japan’s unique manufacturing method commercialized

Cotton swab manufacturer breaks into medical equipment industry under industry-academia-government collaboration


Proteins keep a grip on cells

Japanese scientists at Osaka University have revealed new structural information on the integrin-laminin interaction

Japanese scientists at Osaka University have revealed new structural information on the integrin-laminin interaction. These findings provide important...


Mixing and matching yeast DNA

Osaka University scientists show molecular factors that determine why some regions in yeast chromosomes are apt for remodeling, while other regions stay faithful during cell replication.


A technology for pressureless sinter joining for next-generation power semiconductors

Will add impetus for downsizing power converters at a low cost

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