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Technique to allow AI to learn words in the flow of dialogue developed


Viewing atomic structures of dopant atoms in 3D relating to electrical activity in a semiconductor

Life Sciences & Medicine

CD4 T Cells, Xenobiotic Transporters, and Metabolites in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

International researchers show CD4+ T effector cells express xenobiotic transporter Mdr1 in the presence of bile acids to maintain homeostasis in the small intestine

Few studies have investigated the interaction between intestinal T cells with metabolites. Researchers have now shown in mice CD4+ T effector (Teff) c...


Technique for forming few-layer molecular film for all types of substrates

Can be applied to flexible electronics

A group of researchers developed a new technique for forming few-layer molecular films, similar to self-assembled monolayers (SAMs), on plastic substr...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Uneasiness in Observers of Unnatural Android Movements Explained

Study reveals brain region responsible for uneasy feeling over unnatural android movements – and the link to Parkinson’s disease

When the human-likeness of androids exceeds a certain threshold, the human’s affinity for them decreases and an uncanny feeling about them increases. ...

Natural Sciences

Mechanism behind catalytic hydroxylation of stable C-H bonds using artificial enzyme at room temperature elucidated

Will lead to efficient use of natural carbon resources

A group of researchers clarified that the active species of a hydroxylation reaction (changing C-H bonds to O-H bonds) catalyzed by an artificial enzy...


Thermoelectric Power Generation at Room Temperature: Coming Soon?

Osaka University-led researchers create a thermoelectric material (ytterbium silicide) with a high power factor at room temperature

Life Sciences & Medicine

Growing Organs a Few Ink Drops at a Time

Osaka University researchers refine method of making bio-ink droplets stick to each other, enabling 3D printing of highly complex biological structures with a wide variety of cell types using inkjet printers


A Radical Approach to Methane Oxidation into Methanol

Osaka University researchers convert methane to valuable chemicals using clean, low-temperature radical reaction

A pair of researchers at Osaka University converted methane into valuable chemicals. The reaction occurs under ambient conditions in a novel two-phase...


Discovery of ruins of ancient Turkic monument surrounded by 14 pillars with inscriptions

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