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Natural Sciences

Understanding gravity: The nanoscale search for extra dimensions

A Japan–US research collaboration involving Osaka University uses high-sensitivity experiments to probe exotic gravitational force

A Japan–US research collaboration involving Osaka University has used a pulsed slow neutron beamline to probe the deviation of the inverse square law ...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Cholesterol leash: key tethering protein found to transport cellular cholesterol

Researchers at Osaka University uncover key mechanistic details that allow cholesterol to be transported within cells

Cholesterol is an essential component of living organisms, but the mechanisms that transport cholesterol inside the cell are poorly understood. Resear...


Synchronized fluctuation-type art illumination developed, a world first!


Twisting graphene into spirals

Japanese researchers synthesize helical nanographene


Strength in numbers: Worldwide study finds new genetic risk factors for stroke

Researchers in a large multicenter study develop a comprehensive map of genetic risk factors for stroke and lay the groundwork for more individualized approaches to treatment

Stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide, but its genetic basis is unknown. In a large, multicenter effort, researchers performed a genom...

Life Sciences & Medicine

Genome does not like to excessively change in male germ cells


Portable ionic current sensor developed

Life Sciences & Medicine

Multiple optical measurements reveal the single cell activation without contrast agent

Life Sciences & Medicine

Helpful B cells lend a hand to developing neurons

Researchers at Osaka University identify an immune cell that promotes the growth of neuron-supporting cells in the developing mouse brain

Neuron myelination is critical to early mental development, and defects in myelination have been linked to neurodevelopmental disorders. Researchers a...


Dance of auroras

Scientists make first direct observation of electron frolic

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