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Uneasiness in Observers of Unnatural Android Movements Explained

Study reveals brain region responsible for uneasy feeling over unnatural android movements – and the link to Parkinson’s disease

When the human-likeness of androids exceeds a certain threshold, the human’s affinity for them decreases and an uncanny feeling about them increases. ...


Phase III clinical trials for stem cell-based cartilage regeneration therapy have started


Next-generation vascular endoscopic catheter with head-mounted image sensor developed through Osaka University-Panasonic Collaboration

A group for researchers has succeeded in the commercialization of a vascular endoscopic catheter with a head-mounted image sensor. This vascular endos...


World’s thinnest 3mm surgical cotton swabs by Japan’s unique manufacturing method commercialized

Cotton swab manufacturer breaks into medical equipment industry under industry-academia-government collaboration

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